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Training to a higher standard, because our lives depend on it too!
The threats to law enforcement have never been greater but our ability to learn, train
and protect ourselves have also never been greater. Rally Point Training Consulting is
built on the foundation of saving lives by preparing better, smarter, and more effective
"Best Officer Survival class I ever

Absolutely one of the best, if not the best,
training classes I have attended as a
police officer."

"This is the most relevant survival
training I've attended."

"Best course I've ever attended in my 9
year career."

"Information all patrol officers need to

"I will be recommending our entire patrol
division attend this training."

"Great course, should be mandatory for
patrol officers at least once every 5 years."

"Realistic training even for seasoned
officers. Will be sending my deputies to
this class in the future."

"Awesome class, highly recommend it to
everyone, great job."

"Excellent training. GREAT information."
OODA Loop based Officer Survival
Guardian Mindset
Our two day O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Survival seminar is
not you typical officer survival seminar. Designed with up to
date officer survival information, advanced tactics and forward
thinking we focus on giving officers the upper hand on the
street, because when the difference between life and death is
a fraction of seconds or inches, we understand that officers
must perform at their best.

Our one day Guardian Mindset seminar encourages  officers
to take a look at the history of law enforcement along with their
mindsets to see how a tactical Guardian both effective and
appropriate for today's law enforcement officers.
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Our Self Rescue & Buddy Rescue Training helps to
prepare officers for survival when critically wounded
during a critical incident and every second counts!