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At Rally Point Training Consulting we believe that it is more important to build up all officers to their maximum potential regardless of their backgrounds, assignments and
experiences and that we need to have true tactical Guardian Mindsets to better serve and protect.

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • The tactical Guardian Mindset and the Warrior mentality.
  • Natural Guardians in law enforcement.
  • Lawful but Awful uses of force.
  • De-Escalation tactics/techniques and how to properly apply them.
  • Encouraging smart thinking and safe tactics.
  • The effects of positive and negative imagery in law enforcement.
  • An agencies responsibility in today's world.

Course Goals include:

  • Officers will take a realistic look at their mindsets both on and off duty.
  • Officers will learn the benefits of having a Guardian Mindset vs a Warrior mentality.
  • Officers will understand the natural place for Guardians in law enforcement.
  • Officers will learn how positive and negative imagery effects officers, departments and the public.
  • Officers will be encouraged to employ sound tactical thinking and techniques to better protect and serve.
  • Officers will understand why departments need to take an active role in promoting the Guardian Mindset to the public.
  • and more...
Rally Point Training Consulting Guardian Mindset for Law Enforcement