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O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Survival & Guardian Mindset for
Law Enforcement
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Officers will:

  • Understand how stress negatively impacts officers when every second counts.

  • The need to have your trauma gear on you at all times you and not in your car.

  • Learn how to properly apply life saving tourniquets under stress.

  • Learn how to pack wounds with hemostatic gauze.

  • Learn how and when to apply chest seals.

  • How to check for addition wounds and get back in the fight!

Training starts with classroom based instruction and an introduction into the officers simple life
saving supplies that all officers should carry on themselves at all times.

Training progresses into simple step be step hands on training utilizing our O.O.D.A. Loop
based memory encoding techniques allowing for maximum performance while focusing on
proper tactics for law enforcement officers.

Training culminates in hands on scenarios based training utilizing the live saving tactics and
techniques that officers are taught in class to help build the officers' skill confidence and threat
stimulus responses to being critically wounded during a critical incident.
Rally Point Training Consulting has teamed up with EMS Training Consulting to bring you our Officer Self Rescue & Buddy Rescue Training. Taking trauma care
training to a higher level by combining life saving skills and our O.O.D.A. Loop based memory encoding techniques with proper law enforcement tactics to give officers
the best chance of survival when critically wounded and every second counts.
This training is a must for all officers.
100% of officers who have attended this course would recommend this training to other officers!*
Don't have the gear you need? Don't worry we've got you
covered! Rally Point Training Consulting teamed up with North
American Rescue and the Officer Survival Initiative to put together
the best officer survival kits available.
When every second counts and your life is on the line, you Must Perform at Your Best!