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O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Survival & Guardian Mindset for
Law Enforcement
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Patrol Officers, Field Training Officers, Firearms and Defensive Tactics/Arrest Control Instructors, SWAT Operators, K-9
Handlers, School Resource Officers, Investigators, and Supervisors can all benefit from this life saving training.
Seminars are open to active duty law enforcement (civilian, military & corrections).
Professional private/corporate security/protection personnel may be eligible to attend with
pre-approval on a case by case basis. (Contact us for further information)
These seminars are
NOT open to the public and Rally Point T.C. LLC reserves the right to
refuse registrations and attendance to our seminars.
When every second counts and your life is on the line, you Must Perform at Your Best! That is why we have teamed
up with EMS Training Consulting to build our specialized
O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Self-Rescue & Buddy-Rescue
training seminar for law enforcement.
This course is taught to officers with a combination
of medical and tactical viewpoints to help officers
respond appropriately after suffering life threatening

Officers will:

  • Understand how your memory and physical
    movements relate to the flow of blood through
    the body and why that is so important.

  • Understand how stress negatively impacts
    officers when every second counts.

  • The need to have your trauma gear with you
    and not in your car.

  • Learn how to properly apply life saving
    tourniquets under stress.

  • Learn how to pack wounds with hemostatic

  • Learn how and when to apply chest seals.

  • How to check for addition wounds and get
    back in the fight!
Officer Self Rescue Training for Law Enforcement
Self Rescue Trauma Gear for Law Enforcement
Hands on memory encoding training.

Increasingly difficult simulation training.
Officer Self Rescue Trauma Gear