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The Guardians Mindset for Law Enforcement seminar is NOT your typical officer mindset seminar. It is well known that
a law enforcement officer's mindset can greatly impact their quality of work and quality of life, but what type of mindset
should officers have in today's world? At Rally Point Training Consulting we believe that it is more important to
build up
all officers
to their maximum potential regardless of their backgrounds, assignments and experiences and that we need to
have true
tactical Guardian Mindsets to better serve and protect.  
Registration information can be found on the calendar page.
Patrol Officers, Field Training Officers, Firearms and Defensive Tactics/Arrest Control Instructors, SWAT Operators, K-9
Handlers, School Resource Officers, Investigators, and Supervisors can all benefit from this life changing training.
Guardian Mindset for Law Enforcement
O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Survival and Guardian Mindset for
Law Enforcement
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Consulting. All rights are reserved.
Seminars are open to active duty law enforcement (civilian, military & corrections).
Professional private/corporate security/protection personnel may be eligible to attend
pre-approval on a case by case basis. (Contact us for further information)
These seminars are
NOT open to the public and Rally Point T.C. LLC reserves the
right to refuse registrations and attendance to our seminars.
  • The History of Law Enforcement in the United States.
  • Peelian Principals of Policing.
  • Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
  • Use of force laws/ethics.
  • The Guardian Mindset vs the Warrior mentality.
  • Natural Guardians in law enforcement.
  • Lawful but Awful.
  • De-Escalation tactics/techniques and how to properly apply them.
  • Encouraging smart thinking and safe tactics.
  • The effects of positive and negative imagery in law enforcement.
  • An agencies responsibility in today's world.

Course Goals include:
  • Take a look at your mindset both on and off duty.
  • Learn the benefits of having a Guardian Mindset vs a Warrior mentality.
  • Understand the natural place for Guardians in law enforcement.
  • Learn how positive and negative imagery effects officers, departments and the public.
  • Encourage officers to employ sound tactical thinking and techniques to better protect and serve.
  • Understand why departments need to take an active role in promoting the Guardian Mindset to the public.
  • and much more...    
100% of officers who have attended this course would recommend this training to other officers!*
Training to a higher standard, because our lives depend on it too!