Derek is a tactical Guardian who has dedicated his entire adult life to serving and
protecting others. Derek served in the United States Air Force, has over 20 years
of diverse law enforcement experience and a passion for officers survival which he
used to create Rally Point Training Consulting specializing in O.O.D.A. Loop
based Officer Survival, the Guardian Mindset and Officer Self & Buddy Rescue
for law enforcement.  Derek is a skilled instructor who, as an active law
enforcement officer, not only knows what officers are currently facing on the
street. His background helps him to easily connect with officers in training,
enhancing the learning experience for everyone.

Derek has worked as a Detention Deputy, a Court Security Deputy, a Patrol
Deputy, an Undercover Narcotics Deputy, a Patrol Officer, a Street Crimes
Detective, a Field Training Officer and a Tactical SWAT Operator. Along with
these duties Derek has also taught pre-service classes for new hires to include
Officer Survival, Gangs and Tactical Building Clearing for Patrol. Derek is
currently employed as a Police Officer/K-9 Handler in the State of Colorado.

Derek is a team member of the National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA), the
Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association (RMTTA), a member of the
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA),
and a member of the International Tactical Training Association (ITTA). Derek's
written work has been published in the
Winning Edge section of Police Magazine
in Sept, 2013 and in June, 2014, and in
Tactical Solutions Magazine in April
2016 and in December 2016.
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