Topics of discussion include:
  • Use of force laws/Ethics.
  • Officer survival mindset, finding your victory.
  • Officers down in the line of duty.
  • Off duty encounters and the immediate defense of life.
  • An in depth look inside the O.O.D.A. Loop.
  • Violent encounters study, understanding your adversary.
  • Officers reactions during critical incidents.
  • Controlling fear, stress and anxiety.
  • Improving your physical survival skills training.
  • Danger signs and signs of concealed weapons, including previously unrecognized signs.
  • Types of memory/Encoding long term memory, why it is important for law enforcement.
  • Maximizing training, long term memory and the O.O.D.A. Loop.
  • Understanding and maximizing your Implicit Guidance and Control/Learned Automatic Response.
  • and more...

Course Goals include:
  • Take a new look at your officer survival, both on and off duty.
  • Learn common factors associated with officers down in the line of duty and understand the realities of officers down in the line of duty.
  • Learn how to recognize and decipher danger signs and signs of concealed weapons, including previously unrecognized signs.
  • Learn how to maximize your physical survival skills as a law enforcement officer.
  • Learn how to gain the mental and physical advantage over your adversaries.
  • Learn how to control stress, fear and anxiety,  prior to, during and after high stress situations.
  • Learn how to improve your own survival skills training for maximum retention and maximum physical performance.
  • and much more...
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Col John Boyd's Fast Transits Theory
Idea of fast transients suggests that, in order to win, we should operate at a faster tempo or rhythm than our adversaries—or, better
yet, get inside adversary’s
observation-orientation-decision-action time cycle or loop.
Built on the foundation of saving officers lives by helping make better, smarter, safer, and more effective officers.
Learn to see what you've been missing and how to maximize your work and training for greater odds of success.  

O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Survival is specifically crafted by combining advanced tactics and techniques with an in depth
performance based knowledge of:

  • How the O.O.D.A. Loop works, both for and against officers and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to maximize your work, training and personal mindset for survival.
  • How to build better physical training programs to increase officers' odds in a critical incident.
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